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New Mobile Autoresponder

If you have done any internet marketing at all, you’re aware that all the gurus emphasize building a list. They always tell you that the money is in that list.  Currently, most marketers send customers to their websites and capture e-mail addresses . Follow up messages are then sent via e-mail autoresponders.

Now with the introduction of mobile autoresponders, all anyone needs is a individual’s phone number. Text messages can then be sent out advising about new offers, meetings, webinars or just about anything else for which e-mail is currently used.

What is even better is that this autoresponder isn’t only for marketers but for anyone who needs to send out messages to a groups of people such as employers, organizations, speakers, performers, local businesses, etc.

You may well ask why anyone would want to use a mobile autoresponder. The facts are these:

  • At least 219 million cell phones are now in use.
  • 97% of text messages are read.
  • 80% of users have their mobile with them all the time.
  • This means is that your  messages are going to get read by a far larger percentage of people than read their e-mails.
  • That list can eventually lead to more money in your pocket.

This mobile autoresponder allows users to download apps to their mobile phone so that their accounts can be run from them. The site provides analytics so campaigns can be monitored. Delivery reports are included. Contacts can be organized into groups and so much more.

Best of all:

  • Sign ups are unlimited
  • Incoming messages will be unlimited
  • A contract is not required
  • Set up and activation fees don’t exist
  • And much more

The only downside is that messages are limited to 145 characters.  If you can tweet, though, you can get your message out.

If you sign up now, you can get 30% off the cost of your first month’s service. This discount may be discontinued at anytime so this is the perfect time to start experiencing the best mobile autoresponder available. Click here for information:  http://bit.ly/mobileautoresponder

Please note that standard text message and data rates may apply.